Thursday, July 7, 2011

Into the Pine Woods

Louisiana hot, that's the answer for the question I've been getting as of late. Is it hot down there? Well, not as hot as Lawton, where I've taken to not even looking at the thermometer, it's become ridiculous. It's Louisiana hot down in McCurtain County, Oklahoma and the Ouachita National Forest. But there's plenty to see and do just the same. My days are filled with heat, sweat, bugs, and of course birds. This is my second season on a project trying to understand the Bachman's Sparrow's that inhabit scattered locations in the forest. No, not Michele Bachman but the Bachman Sparrow, the "Pine Woods Sparrow". 
Shrubby St. John's Wort
(Hypericum proloficum)
The 'Blazing Star" found below is a first for me, I identified it as a "Spiny Blazing Star"
but I believe that name may be a bit out-dated or perhaps something has changed and I just haven't figured it out yet. Nonetheless,  I will do my best to figure it out. If you already know, fill me in.

Blazing Star
(Liatris sp.)
Red-spotted Purple 
(Limenitis arthemis)
I approached this butterfly like a mountaineer. One hand holding steadily to my canoe tie-down rope and the other concentrating on camera functions, all the while teetering of the hood of my truck.  And, there are those who might say I can't multi-task!

Variegated Fritillary
 (Euptoieta claudia)

Well just a few photos to keep anyone who might be wondering where and what the heck I'm up to these days satiated. Until later!