Saturday, February 16, 2008

End of the Season, and Some Bad Photo Fun!

Well I'm sure some of you from Oklahoma are glad that the Winter Bird Atlas Season is over, I know my wife is. I think I have added about 7,000 miles to the truck, a few new grey hairs in the beard, and have developed a great ongoing conversation with myself in the past three months. What good news you ask? Well, I helped the Sutton Center finish their data gathering process for the Atlas, I've learned the state pretty well, and I have seen a lot of good birds through the last two years. Another fun thing to come out of this atlas season was this blog, I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing my stories with everyone, and appreciate the great responses and comments regarding it. I have enjoyed it so much in fact that I am going to keep it going (if you haven't noticed I've changed the name and look). So you can look forward to the next few months. Starting in March I will be runnning surveys for Lesser Prairie-Chickens, and then in mid-April my marsh bird project gets started again(everybody loves a good Black Rail story!).

Before I bore you to death I have decided to share some of my worst photos of the last two atlas seasons. That's right, not the best, but the worst! If you can identify any of them kudos to you, and yes I do know what all of them are. Actually all of them are rarities from around the state, so that makes it even more entertaining. Enjoy and make sure you have a good laugh! If you are truly interested click on the photos to enlarge them (this works for all of them within the blog).

Okay, Okay a little help: Tundra Swan, Western Grebe, Pacific Loon, and a possible Iceland (possibly Thayer's)!

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