Sunday, March 2, 2008

Answering the "Lucy" Challenge

You ask what is the Lucy challenge? Well Cameron University's Honor Society is paying for a trip to Houston's Natural History Museum to view the "Lucy Skeleton," a week long excursion pretty much on them. So what's the challenge right? Well I am in the field so often that I am missed at home, and my wife often suffers the consequences of all of the field work I do. It's not easy raising two young children, especially when one of the adults is always gone. So when I presented her with the offer that I had recieved, to say the least she wasn't as excited as I was!

Well, being the wonderful woman that she is, she posed a challenge. Finish remodeling the two offices and the extra bathroom before the trip and you can go! Rightly so, she has patiently waited nearly a year since the time we bought the house. So how much work is this? I think the pictures say it all too well.

I have three rooms to texture, paint, put in flooring, hang shelves, lay tile, and everything else that comes along with all of that. Can I get it done? Very good question. Well, her office is actually nearly complete! All that it requires is the laminate flooring, installing the ceiling fan and finishing paint(trim). My office and the extra bathroom are the two problems. Actually it's really just my office, an old mother in-law's kitchen that I am tearing out to make space for all of my stuff! Don't get me wrong I want my office, it is just going to be a mountain of work, on top of my already large heap! Oh well...we will see what happens.

23 Days To Go

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