Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Top Ten Things You Missed While Failing to Attend the Lek Treks & More Lesser Prairie-chicken Festival

Number 10: Most likely your lifer Lesser Prairie-Chicken. If you think a few birds along a county road  and 75 yards away is good enough then you haven't seen the photos from this year's celebration! 

Western Snowy Plover,
Buffalo Creek Salt Flat

Number 9: You missed an opportunity to experience the Selman Ranch. It's private and the birding there is a business, so you can still come but you'll need to schedule it. Let's see Snowy Plovers, Ladder-backed Woodpecker and did I mention Lesser Prairie-chickens?

Number 8: There were so many talented artists at this year's symposium and art show you would have had a hard time walking out without dipping into that tight-wad wallet of yours (hey, I'm speaking for myself here too!)

Number 7: The star gazing show at the Selman Living Laboratory, not to mention the expert guidance of Dr. Bill Caire, oh and don't forget the International Space Station flight across the sky that Saturday evening.

Number 6: The Saturday night "Owl Prowl" and your's truly successfully calling in an Eastern Screech Owl, using I might add not a single electronic device. Did I mention that it perched just over top of the sidewalk, in the clear and only about ten feet away; it also allowed each tour participant an opportunity to view? I'm nearly failing to mention the Common Poorwill that also responded to my coaxing, although we failed to get a look at the rascal. Am I gloating? 

Drake Wood Ducks
Number 5: On Saturday's Harper/Woodward County Birding Tour we racked up 77 species for the short day and watched the Fort Supply Reservoir go off like I've never experienced.  Let's see,Marbled Godwit, Bald Eagle, 2 Western Grebes, over 350 Eared Grebes in breeding plumage, American Pipit, Burrowing Owl, Snowy Plover, Least and Baird's Sandpiper, Wood Duck...........that should be enough to wet your appetite for next year's festival!


Number 4: You missed participating in the fence marking conservation event. We helped the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife mark fences on their Cimarron Bluffs property, for prairie-chicken conservation.

Number 2.5: You missed the opportunity to meet Merlin Little Thunder, this year's festival artist, and his beautiful painting "When the Prairie Danced and Sang Under Painted Sky". The original has been sold already so if you want to see it you either need to view it on-line, buy a print, or come out and bird for a day at the Selman Ranch and you can view the original.  Did I forget to mention though that it's a business, and you'll need to schedule a visit.

Number 2: You missed meeting and listening to our keynote speaker Bill Thompson III, editor of Birdwatcher's Digest, writer and blogger, musical meistro and all around fun guy to be around. Did I mention the live performance of a wonderful Wood Guthrie standard, and then later two more songs one of which the whole crowd joined in on.. "Momma don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowbirds". Yeah, you missed that!

I couldn't make up my mind which talented guest deserved the number two slot, so I took them both halfway in some sort of weird, justifiable only in my own mind, kind of way.

and the Number One "Thing You Missed When You Did Not Attend this Year's Lek Treks & More Lesser Prairie-chicken Festival.":

Did I mention the Lesser Prairie-Chickens?

And just in case my top ten list didn't get through to you, how about the fact that all of the photos in this post are from a very talented twelve year old, John David McQuaig. Yeah, you missed him too..


Elizabeth B Hawley said...

You convinced me. I hope not to miss it next year! Great photos. Thanks.

Alasco López said...

What a beautiful pictures!
If you want to see more photos of birds, I share you my blog.