Monday, March 17, 2008

Spring Break is for the Birds

Yep, it's spring break at Cameron University. Fortunately and unfortunately I have to many obligations to actually enjoy it. I was supposed to be in Bartlesville today at the Sutton Center putting a mountain of data in to the computer for the winter atlas project, but I had to call and ask permission to push it back two weeks. Luckily I have a boss, who understands my position at the moment. So what will I be doing my very first day of spring break? Ripping out an old kitchen to make room for my office, woo hoo!

Even though I'm mostly working inside I am still able to see a few birds. The House Sparrows are busy filling every cavity (one male posed pretty nicely for me)in my backyard with a nest. I am doing my best to cope with this, I can only hope to get a Carolina Wren or something else sooner or later. Knowing that these birds are now genetically different from there European counterparts, I guess I have to accept them, but I would still love a little more diversity. Two good yard birds yesterday were a small flock of Cedar Waxings and a Cooper's Hawk.

Oh, we have a bee hive about three feet from the ground, and yesterday for the first time I got tangled up with one. He landed in my hair, and I couldn't get him out, by the time I did he was pretty well pissed off. To let me know about it, he landed on my fore-arm and let me have it. I've been stung before so I wasn't to worried,I pulled the stinger out and jumped around a bit and then got back to work. Everything seemed fine, well this morning I awoke to a large red welt. Fortunately no red lines to my heart as of yet, but it is very sensative to the touch. I've never had a reaction like this, I can only hope that they aren't Africanized!

Well I need to get to work, my office awaits!


Texas Travelers said...

I just ran across your blog site through Bird Ring. I like your writing, so I added it to my Nature Sites Blogroll.

PS: If you move the Bird Ring "Page Element" to the bottom of your page, the complete icon will show. Check mine out.

Troy in Ft. Worth

Eric Beck said...

Thanks Troy, I haven't been in the field as of late so my posts aren't as exciting as I woould like, so stick around it should get better.

Thanks for the tip, i'll have to take care of that