Thursday, January 7, 2010

Selman Ranch Northern Shrike

I spent the early morning surveying fences on Cimarron Bluffs WMA. After exhausting myself and finally getting too chilled to continue I opted for a little "road" birding throughout the Selman Ranch. Birds were slim but I did locate a shrike. Unfortunately I couldn't get a great look at it before it flew off, but for what I did see of it I thought the chances of it being a Northern Shrike were pretty good.

I quickly made a dash for Sue's house to get a change of socks and shirt, and in the mean time Sue handed me her Canon with its 300mm lense, showed me how it worked and I hit the field for another hour late in the afternoon. I returned to the same general area I had seen the bird, spent about 20 minutes looking for it, and then wouldn't you know it posed for me! Enjoy!

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