Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Gecko in Oklahoma.....?

Tonight we decided to go out for Ice Cream and before we got in the car my wife noticed a gecko on our front porch. I know Herps a little, I was actually amazed by them my entire youth and had quite a collection in my bedroom. I think I had a total of seventeen reptiles at one point. Needless to say no else dared to enter my room! That said, I was never previously aware of any Geckos in Oklahoma. After a little searching I finally found a website that had decent photos of the few Geckos that can be found in our region. You know me, I was hoping for some strange southwestern gecko, one that hadn't been reported before in Comanche County, or maybe even Oklahoma. Alas, my notions of grandeur were tossed aside when I located the photo of the non-native Mediterranean Gecko. Sure enough that's what we had found. More on it tomorrow.......

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jmlark said...

Hi there,
I have no idea what kind of blog site this is,,,sorry! I just googled gecko in Oklahoma and found your post. Mine is like a baby, and I haven't looked a lot yet but I think he/she may be the same kind. Briefly I looked for gecko with a striped tail and clicked on (him or her) and when I hovered before I clicked it also said something about Mediterranean something or other.

This guy is a baby. I found him in a sweat shirt I had worn for a few minutes and tossed on the bed..went to pick it up and he scared the crap out of me!

Anyway he's about 1 1/4" long. Not very big around and upon as close as I can with after-50 eyes. I'd say he is very light gray with brown spots and a striped tail.
I"m stoked!
I love animals and I wanna keep him. That said I won't of course. Just need to look up where he needs to be placed in the outdoors.
Thanks for posting about your find!